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Diamond Arched Tiara

"A diamond-infused, arched tiara fashioned 
by the ancient Ruler of The Sourceless Beyond.

The Sourceless Beyond is the parent of all magic and yet has
no origin of its own. It flows in all forms from
the stars overhead to the voids between existence. 
As it turns out, no one being can truly wield such a force 
making the Ruler, and her title, superfluous.

The ambitious Ruler sought to control the Sourceless Beyond
but instead gave it tangibility in creating a diamond.
Old worshipers of the Ruler blasphemously whisper of her 
fall into despair and disappearance while those who remain 
loyal believe that she now Lurks with the Beyond.”

Very late Birthday Crown for my very good friend Ilona

Yamask by UnableToFindName
Created quickly and simply pixel-by-pixel using the in-game icon as a reference.
Yamask is in my Top Three favourite Pokemon.
The Unnamed by UnableToFindName
The Unnamed
Something I made as a permanent “UnableToFindName” icon to replace my current one but I just don’t like it enough to change it.
Maybe one day.
The Ancient Crown

"An incredibly old gold crown worn by the First Monarch.

Once revered as a sacred relic, the crown would make a ruler
out of any who would wear it. The wearer and their subjects would 
experience unprecedented prosperity for 20 years. Afterwards the 
kingdom would fall into ruin and be lost to time. 

The origins and the First Monarch have been long forgotten 
and much of whatever power it held has vanished. What 
remains manifests itself as a flame.”

**This Birthday crown is a remake of "The Crown of 20"

Dark Incorporeal Mask
Providence - The Creature and The Mask

"Long ago, a creature came across a strange mask.
It accepted the new face for with it the creature grew.
The creature wanted to create. Anything it desired.

Creating was difficult. The creature persevered.
But the mask was not willing.

However, all it created was without passion.
All was grey and broken. All that lived was without purpose.
The creature fell into melancholy and began to destroy.
And the mask was willing.

As it heard cries of  those it made the creature felt greater sorrow.
It tried to remove the mask to no avail.
The creature grew sadder still. It grew desperate for freedom.
It began to destroy itself. Piece by piece. Limb by limb.
But the Mask was not willing.

The pieces and limbs instead flourished with existence.
In fear of their new found life, the pieces and limbs fled.
The hid themselves away among the worlds the creature created.
The creature wept. It began to destroy the worlds once again.

And the mask was willing."


Your typical internet go-er.
I use Tumblr., play video games, watch anime/cartoons etc.

Like many people I have my own OCs and story to go along with them. They're pretty much the only thing I draw, and I'm ok with that.
Oh, and masks. I love masks so you'll find a lot around here as well as characters with them.

I'm willing to do just about any mask request that may come along.

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Eh
Favourite style of art: Graphite + Digital
Operating System: Windows 7

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