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Pale Place Crown
"Crown of the Unfamiliar Queen of The Place

The Unfamiliar Queen was the head of an incomprehensible
society consisting only of story-tellers and sages. However, 
none of their tales or works were ever created for publication,

making the existence of the Queen herself uncertain.

Of the many legends spoken of the Queen the most common
 tells of her dealings with that which Lurks Beyond and fearful
neighboring kingdoms expelling the Queen of her title."

Birthday Crown for my close friend, Cassie.
Wooden Crown

"An iron enforced, wooden Crown belonging to the Steadfast King

Once a Duke of a failing land, the Steadfast King was
vested a strange gem from a distant relative. The gem 
allowed him to command the wills of beast and men alike and 
with it t
he Duke overthrew the higher monarchy of the kingdom
and became a King with a strict but lucrative rule.

The King bestows the gem on a modest wooden Crown, as 
a reminder of the his weighted uprising."

Tri-Crimson Crown
"A crown with three prongs belonging to the Crimson Queen.

The Crimson Queen was known for her alluring visage
and prosperous authority of her land above any King. 
Her husband, a passionate bard, long ago left 
to travel other lands but commissioned a new crown 
for the Queen before his departure.

The Crimson Queen's love was unwavering and never
removed her crown."
Crown of Rats
"A crown depicting nineteen rat tails.

Crudely made of brass and copper, this
crown belongs
 to a Lord of Rats. Rumored
to have been created by dipping a rat king
in molten metal, which would explain it's rather
unpleasant odor.

Embedded with sapphires that are more
valuable than the crown itself, but only just."
Majora's Mask
He had far to many weaknesses to wield my power.
A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage.

This puppet's role has just ended...
I... I shall consume.
Consume... Consume everything.

--Majora's Mask

The GIF is rather large and may take a while to get to full speed.


Kyle Miranda
Your typical internet go-er.
I use Tumblr., play video games, watch anime/cartoons etc.

Like many people I have my own OCs and story to go along with them. They're pretty much the only thing I draw, and I'm ok with that.
Oh, and masks. I love masks so you'll find a lot around here as well as characters with them.

I'm willing to do just about any mask request that may come along.

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Eh
Favourite style of art: Graphite + Digital
Operating System: Windows 7

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